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The morning is bright and full of joy.

Thoughts on what the progressive movement should be. I want to give a west coast interpretation of what Michael Moore's political activism is trying to do: find common political ground with the disaffected middle class of the midwest.

My take is that the modern world has become too fast and complicated for everyday people in general. The dark anger caused by the economic stress from the rapid pace of globalism forced on middle-class Americans by a dysfunctional corporate-dominated political system has created a barrier for real progressive change.  The barrier is the tendency to hang on to what we know and trust when we feel threatened.  Some would say that is what conservative values are. The truth is, we can still have traditional values of decency and self-reliance.  The progressive politics of open-mindedness and embracing change are not mutually exclusive from traditional values. But we need the opportunities that are no longer available like they were in the past. When conservatives connected with the message "make America great again,"  I believe that is what they want returned—opportunities. 

If change must come from the people, how can we if we are so angry?

First and foremost, quell the anger. What creates the anger? The hopelessness of not having any control of our circumstances.  The rise of unmediated social media is a major reason for this anger and for exposing and polarizing what deep cultural differences we have as a nation instead of celebrating them through an appreciation of our unalienable rights as human beings.

The Persist informational page of this website tries to communicate, clearly, that we do have control of our circumstances. The site’s pages are methodically organized with current and accessible information from trusted sources about how and why we, everyone, can work together to immediately change our political system to one that provides real opportunities and justice for middle class Americans.  To shame the elites into correcting the monopoly they have on the nation's financial system that has mutated this country's capitalist society into a kleptocracy.